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Aubrey’s Story

With my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer a number of years ago, one question is always in the back of my mind… Will it ever happen to me? Recently my doctor found a lump in my left breast and I was sent to Windsong for tests.  I am thankful that Windsong used their newest 3D- Breast Mammography technology or tomosynthesis when I arrived and gave them my family history and explained my fear of what this lump in my breast could be.  Being a mother of two and a wife, the fear of possibly not being able to be with my family much longer is so overwhelming. I am thankful to say, that when the doctor at Windsong read my tomosynthesis results to me, as I heard her say, Aubrey you do not have cancer today…the fear and anxiety disappeared so quickly. I am truly thankful that we have Windsong within our community serving women and help fighting a disease that is affecting thousands of women each day. Thank you for caring and making a difference!

~Aubrey Calhoun

Aubrey Calhoun is the Director of Public Relations-Development at the Buffalo City Mission.