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About Windsong

Quality That Matters

Patients at Windsong know that the quality of imaging and the accuracy of a diagnosis can make a major difference in treatment decisions. For those reasons – and many more – Windsong is dedicated to offering patients access to the most advanced technology available and employs only highly trained, certified technologists. Interpretation of the imaging and treatment is provided by our fellowship-trained, board-certified radiologists who come from impressive backgrounds representing all subspecialties. We work with referring physicians, their patients and local insurance carriers to establish the least invasive and most medically appropriate procedures, providing every person with the highest possible standard of care.

Committment to Excellence

Windsong has a long history of providing services with a commitment to excellence. What began as a single-doctor practice in 1987 with a focus on breast cancer screening under the direction of founder Dr. Janet Sung, has evolved into a multi-faceted practice, with the Windsong Radiology division ranking among the largest screening and diagnostic facilities in the nation.

As state-of-the-art imaging technologies have advanced, the breadth and intensity of services under the Windsong name have grown. Today this includes Windsong Interventional and Vascular Services and Windsong Vein Care, each employing minimally invasive procedures and the latest medical knowledge and technology to deliver alternatives to hospital-based surgeries at a lower cost and with improved recovery times.

Expansion of Services

Windsong Breast Care provides a multidisciplinary team approach for those diagnosed with breast disease, assisting patients with early detection, providing rapid breast cancer diagnosis and consultation, offering cutting-edge treatment options, and assisting patients throughout their care and on to a survivorship program. Accredited through the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), we are committed to providing the highest level of quality breast care, undergoing a vigorous voluntary evaluation process to maintain this world-recognized credential of quality care.

Windsong Genetics educates individuals, assesses risks, and helps patients to interpret the results to assist patients with making informed decisions. Genetic counseling and testing can identify the potential for specific diseases or conditions and how that may affect an individual or their family. Our capabilities to screen for potential predispositions is just the latest in Windsong’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of care and the most innovative technologies to provide the best possible care.

Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented if people adopted cancer prevention measures including routine check-ups. Fortunately, advanced imaging technology can have a profound impact on the ability to manage and prevent cancer.

The National Cancer Institute figures show that cancer survival rates are at an all-time high and cancer-related deaths also continue to decline. Experts attribute the improved outcomes to treatment advances, prevention awareness efforts—and screenings. Today’s imaging technology is actually one of the most important tools available in the fight against cancer, with an ability to prevent and manage cancer. Getting screened regularly can assist with the diagnosis of breast, colorectal (colon), lung and prostate cancers early, when these cancers are more easily treated.

Where to go for screening

Most know that Windsong is Western New York’s leader in breast cancer screening, but fewer realize that it is a nationally recognized center for other life-saving cancer screenings. In fact, Windsong is the area’s busiest cancer screening center for breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer screening and is a recognized trailblazer committed to the latest imaging technologies that find cancer early.

The importance of screening for Breast cancer has been and continues to be well recognized, however lung cancer is actually the number one cause of cancer related deaths in men and women. Although poorly utilized, lung cancer screening has a remarkable ability to catch cancer early and save lives. Statistics show that patients who choose to be screened for lung cancer prior to symptoms arising are likely to be diagnosed at earlier stages than unscreened patients.

Windsong takes great pride in being the first designated lung cancer screening facility in the area and although lung cancer may be the number one cause of cancer related deaths in men and women, the leading cause of death in men is prostate cancer. Men who exhibit elevated PSA levels that indicate a suspicion of prostate cancer are typically referred for ultrasound-guided biopsy. Unfortunately, this procedure carries risks such as infection and potential false negative results. Safer, more precise screening is now available.

According to Windsong Radiologist, Dr. Raja Cheruvu, 3T MRI screening for prostate cancer has revolutionized how we diagnose prostate cancer, enabling Windsong’s radiologists to find disease earlier, when it is more easily treated. As an early adopter of this technique which offers increased sensitivity and improved accuracy in localizing prostate cancer, Windsong has the ability to better visualize suspected prostate cancer and many times effectively eliminate the need for an ultrasound guided biopsy.

Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, and in many instances may also be prevented with regular screenings. Routine colonoscopies can find colon cancer in its early stages and are the preferred colon cancer screening method, however there are times when a virtual colonoscopy is warranted. Unlike traditional colonoscopy, Windsong’s virtual colonoscopy does not require sedation, so it can be a more appropriate exam for those that are reluctant to have colonoscopy, or for those at risk of colonoscopy complications due to medical conditions, such as bleeding disorders. It is also an alternative for those that have a bowel obstruction.

Bottom line - cancer screening saves lives and the time to begin screening and the frequency of screening can change dependent upon family history. Individuals should talk to their doctor about their family risk and get screened regularly.

At Windsong, our motto is “Where Patients Come First,” and we make every patient our priority every day. Schedule an appointment with our team and see why we are the preferred choice for so many patients from across Western New York, Southern Ontario and Northern Pennsylvania.

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