Patients, your care and safety are our top priorities! We encourage you to follow CDC guidelines to self- quarantine if you are experiencing symptoms
consistent with COVID-19. Please do not hesitate to call us to assess whether to reschedule your appointment. Please call 716-631-2500 .

Patient Stories

Each person that comes to Windsong as a patient comes to our facilities to seek answers about their specific concern or condition and to give their doctor the answers they need for their treatment or give the good news that they are hoping for. When a person receives an unexpected result from an imaging study, their whole life can change in an instant. At Windsong, we feel that it isn’t enough to merely provide the highest quality imaging using the latest technology, the best trained technologists, and specialized fellowship trained radiologists. We see and treat each and every patient as if they are a family member giving them compassion and the highest level of patient care with the goal of exceeding your expectations. We have added actual patient stories of those that have been given the unexpected news, those that had their fears and anxiety of cancer relieved with the results, and those that have survived cancer, and seek the news that they are still cancer free.