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PET/CT WNY Locations

Our PET/CT non-invasive test is available in our WNY PET/CT location at Williamsville. It integrates and combines Positron Emission Tomography (PET) which pinpoints the location of abnormal metabolic activity within the body, and Computer Aided Tomography (CT) which depicts the anatomy where the changes are taking place.

Early Detection

PET/CT at Windsong can help our physicians accurately diagnose many diseases at earlier stages when treatment is more likely to be effective. Additionally, PET/CT imaging may help to accurately and precisely localize disease to aid in planning the right treatment for each patient, thus reducing unnecessary procedures such as biopsies and further testing, which can save valuable time. For patients undergoing treatment, a PET/CT scan can provide an assessment of how each person is also responding to treatment early on in the treatment regimen.

Commitment to Technology

Windsong Radiology Group has been referred to in the industry as a trendsetter, primarily due to the fact that it continues to make cutting edge diagnostic image guidance a priority. Proud of its reputation of being the barometer of the imaging community, Windsong continues to be the first to market with many new exams and image guided treatments and was the first to bring PET/CT to Buffalo and Western New York.  Since then, Windsong has collaborated with the top medical and radiation oncologists in Western New York as well as those in the  most prestigious academic institutions to always have the cutting edge protocols and tracers that will give your doctor the answers you are seeking.  Windsong has also been awarded the gold seal of ACR accreditation for the highest quality of care. PET Scan Accredited Facility – ACR LogoPatients that come to Windsong for a PET/CT exam experience a very calming and serene environment. Our highly trained and experienced technologists are with our patients during their entire visit, providing compassionate and comforting care.  Windsong radiologists are fellowship trained and specialize in PET/CT. Each of our radiologists work very closely with our technologists and consult with your referring physician in the continuum of excellent care.

In August of 2017 Windsong was proud to join the Mayo Clinic and MD Anderson in providing NETSPOT®, a PET diagnostic agent and procedure. This alternative to the traditional Octreoscan® for imaging neuroendocrine tumors has improved our referring provider’s ability to manage patients. The Gallium-68 Dotatate utilized in the NETSPOT® PET radiotracer offers as much as 30% better lesion detection and has 100 times higher affinity for neuroendocrine tumor receptor sites than the traditional Nuclear Medicine imaging with Octreoscan®.

In this very competitive imaging environment, Windsong is proud to offer the latest and greatest in prostate specific PET imaging, called Axumin® scanning. This isotope has been FDA-approved since mid 2016 and is the most sensitive and best diagnostic PET tool available at this time for assessing recurrence of prostate cancer. Early detection of recurrence is key to a more successful treatment plan for patients with prostate cancer, however certain imaging procedures may be unable to detect recurrent prostate tumors when PSA levels are less than 10 ng/mL – when cancer may be more effectively managed or treated with localized therapy.

Axumin® helps to better guide treatment sooner for patients who have experienced a recurrence.

Offered at Windsong’s Williamsville location since 2018, Axumin® is unlike the more traditional F-18 FDG PET imaging in that it:

   does not require any specific dietary preparation other than a 4 hour fast, (but does require abstaining from strenuous physical exercise 24 hours prior to the appointment.

   is completed in a one hour timeframe as there is no prolonged infusion time. The patient is imaged for 20-30 minutes which is begun within 5 minutes following intravenous administration.

PET/CT Scan Video

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