Prostate MRI & MRI Guided Biopsy

Prostate MRI 

Windsong was the first in the area to offer prostate imaging using 3T MRI radiography.. This technique incorporates the high resolution of Windsong’s 3T MRI images and offers increased sensitivity and improved accuracy in localizing prostate cancer. Windsong’s Prostate MRI’s help urologists and oncologists better visualize suspected prostate cancer and can often eliminate the need for a TRUS biopsy and associated side effects. This alternative to a TRUS biopsy provides a more targeted approach, improving our ability to diagnose prostate cancer. It enables Windsong radiologists to find disease earlier when it is more easily treated.

“Prostate MRI has revolutionized how we diagnose prostate cancer. It enables us to find disease earlier than today’s conventional tests,” according to Raja Cheruvu, MD, Windsong radiologist. Call 716.631.2500 to find out more about Prostate MRI at Windsong.

  • Diagnostic CAD [Williamsville office]
  • MR guided prostate biopsy [Williamsville office]

Indications for Diagnostic Prostate MRI

  • Patients with an elevated PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level > 4 or abnormally high PSA
  • Negative prior TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultra Sound) guided biopsy with continued elevation or rising PSA.
  • Positive DRE with negative TRUS-guided biopsy
  • Preoperative/treatment planning
  • Active surveillance after prostectomy, radiation, or hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.


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