COVID-19 Updates: Please know that patient safety remains our top priority. Extra steps are being taken to keep you safe.
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Latest News and Updates Regarding COVID-19

A Message from Windsong to our Patients:

COVID Vaccine and Booster Update - We all know that the extended delay of certain preventive screening exams may lead to a later stage diagnosis. Please rest assured that Windsong's expert healthcare team continues to take extra steps to keep you safe.  We appreciate your patience as we do our best to protect our patients and staff.

We at Windsong understand that any additional workup to a screening mammogram causes anxiety. For this reason, Windsong’s Radiologists agree with the statement provided by the Society of Breast Imaging when planning to schedule your screening mammogram and the COVID-19 vaccine:

“If possible, and when it does not unduly delay care, consider scheduling screening exams prior to the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, or 4-6 weeks following the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccination.”


Windsong's breast imaging specialists recommend the same delay of 4-6 weeks for anyone receiving the COVID booster.

The body’s natural response to the administration of any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines, may include temporary enlargement of lymph nodes. Although this response is expected, it may require additional imaging workup, as well as follow up imaging to ensure resolution, which often is done with an ultrasound of the axilla (armpit) and does not add additional radiation to the tissue. It is expected that most patients that require follow up will be cleared after their first follow up.

Those who need diagnostic breast imaging for lumps, pain, discharge, follow-up, etc., should not delay their appointments.

Visit or call 716.631.2500.

To keep our patients S.A.F.E., we have taken the following extra steps:

  • Social distancing
  • Additional screening
  • Facility safety (masking of patients and staff)
  • Enhanced disinfecting

 Patient Visit Protocol and Screening Form

  • To learn more about Windsong's patient screening process, please see the patient screening form located here

Screening Mammography Update

To meet the important cancer screening needs of our patients, our workflows have been significantly modified to greatly enhance patient safety. Windsong has revised its breast cancer screening process to protect patients, our staff and our entire community. In an attempt to minimize risk to all and decrease overall time in the facility, in person results are being provided by request only for those receiving a screening mammogram. Patients can choose to access their results via the patient portal or they will receive them in the mail within one week.  If we identify anything questionable, patients will be recalled for any necessary additional testing. We would like to reassure patients that when supplemental screening, such as breast ultrasound/sonogram is ordered, it is done as an additional added layer of assessment. This additional screening measure is taken to ensure that everything is normal and is often needed in women with dense breast tissue. Dense breasts are normal. 40% of women age 40 and over have dense breasts. More information on dense breast tissue can be found at

PLEASE NOTE: Diagnostic mammogram results are given same day as we continue Windsong's commitment to minimize anxiety.

Due to the high demand for services hours at each Windsong location are subject to change. We thank you for choosing Windsong for your diagnostic and interventional radiology needs. To schedule an appointment, please call 716.631.2500. Questions can be emailed to

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