What is 3D Mammography?

A 3D mammogram is an X-ray of the breast used to screen for breast cancer. It is a technology that provides less noisy images that provide greater clarity for the radiologist. A screening 3D exam checks for signs of cancer before there are symptoms or problems. If a problem is found more tests are needed. These are called diagnostic tests. A mammogram is the best way to find breast cancer early.

3D vs 2d Mammogram

What are the Benefits of 3D Mammography?

3D mammography provides the radiologist with a sharper, more detailed picture, improving visualization and making it easier for them to catch breast cancer early. This technology is especially beneficial for women with dense breast tissue and a family history of breast cancer. This technology has been shown to catch 20-65% more invasive cancers and reduces recalls by up to 40% compared to 2D alone.

When Should I Start Getting Screening Mammograms?

Annual breast cancer screening for women of average risk 40 and older is the best way to catch breast cancer early, when it can be treated more easily. If you are younger than 40 and at high risk due to a personal or family history of breast cancer, you should talk to your doctor about getting a breast cancer screening sooner.

How is a 3D Mammogram Done?

A 3D mammogram is done similarly to a traditional 2D mammogram. It is an x-ray of the breast and entails two to four squeeze images between two plates on each breast. Compression is an important part of your mammogram as it helps find breast cancer early.

If your breasts are really sensitive, it can help to go during the first half of your menstrual cycle to reduce sensitivity. The images are read by the radiologist who provides a report with your results either in person, through the mail or through the patient portal. Windsong’s C-View technology allows for a similar radiation dose as conventional 2D mammography.

Do You Need a Prescription for a Mammogram?

A prescription from your doctor is required for a mammogram. Call your doctor to see if they can fax a script over to 716.631.4051 and schedule your mammogram with Western New York’s premier breast imaging specialists at Windsong.

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