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Jodi’s Story

Last year at age 40 I was diagnosed with “Invasive Ductal Carcinoma”. I have a family history of breast cancer, which made me aware of the need to have at least a screening mammogram yearly. Last year I heard about the 3D tomosynthesis mammogram and requested my physician to order a tomosynthesis along with my screening mammogram. She agreed to order this exam as well as a breast ultrasound. Much to my surprise there was a 1 cm mass hiding in my left breast. It was only picked up with the tomosynthesis and a targeted ultrasound. I feel that without those tools my breast cancer would have gone undetected for at least another year, at which time it would have grown. I am encouraging all my friends and family to undergo Tomosynthesis and breast ultrasound. Thank you Windsong for living up to your commitment to improving women’s imaging with updated technology.

  Jodi Syroczynski