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Lifetime MOM Blog

Angela Burgen Logan, like many women in Buffalo and Western New York, came to Windsong for her first mammogram and ultrasound.  Angela is like many of our typical women that come to Windsong.  She is a wife and mother, and the wellness of her family is so very important.  Angela is  a very confident and successful professional that is also a passionate advocate for women’s wellness. Through her blog and campaign “Live & Learn” she communicates and connects with moms. She draws on her own experience and of a community of moms to educate, support and even entertain. Angela has given us and all women her experiences that culminated into the creation of an informative and lighthearted video filmed at Windsong in the summer of 2011. Please Click on the picture right to see her first mammogram and ultrasound that she produced with the help of her husband and her sister.