Patients, your care and safety are our top priorities! We encourage you to follow CDC guidelines to self- quarantine if you are experiencing symptoms
consistent with COVID-19. Please do not hesitate to call us to assess whether to reschedule your appointment. Please call 716-631-2500 .

Research and Technology

Windsong continually strives for excellence in this rapidly changing health care environment.

State-of-the-art technology continues to evolve as newly presented research continues to improve accurate diagnosis and better patient outcomes.

Windsong is committed to collaborating with institutions on cutting-edge technology and research to provide the most advanced technology possible and improve early detection.



Research Updates:

Aug. 2019- Dr. Cynthia Fan, board certified radiologist for Windsong, has continued collaboration with the University at Buffalo on a new photoacoustic tomography system. This proposed cutting-edge mammography system uses mild compression and a more comfortable experience for the patient than a traditional mammogram. Currently, the research article proposing this system has been approved and is in the final publication stages. To learn more, click here: 

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