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Our team

Laura Sternick, M.D.

Laura Sternick, MD is a graduate of Feinberg School of Medicine/Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Sternick completed her Neuroradiology fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard University and an intern year and residency at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University. Prior to Medical School, she attended Dartmouth College.

The addition of Dr. Sternick builds on our strong neuroradiology division led by Dr. Igor Mikityansky. Her expertise allows Windsong to further support our partners in neurosurgery throughout Western New York with an array of both routine and advanced neuro exams.

Why I became a doctor/radiologist

Growing up, I loved biology and knew I would pursue a career in the sciences. In college, I took a course on Human Immunology, which was fascinating. Between that course and my experiences volunteering at local hospitals, I found that I really enjoyed both medical science and patient care. The practice of medicine is always changing and offers the ability to have a positive impact on your community, which makes for an interesting and fulfilling career. I chose radiology because of its unique position within medicine at the forefront of diagnosis and problem-solving and its essential role in patient care.

Special interests in radiology

Neuroradiology, vascular imaging, body imaging

Departments: Physicians