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I’m An Early Detection Champion


When breast cancer is detected early survival rate can be as high as 98%! But early detection requires regular clinical breast exams and mammograms. And that’s why WGRZ has partnered with Windsong for “It Takes 2!” Sign up NOW for monthly emails and texts from WGRZ that you can forward to friends and those you love to remind them… “It Takes 2!”. You can literally save their lives!

And, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, the on-air team at Channel 2 will remind all the women in WNY to take 2 minutes to make an appointment for their breast exams. Be an Early Detection Champion. Sign up here.

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    Being an early detection champion means:
    I pledge to have my mammogram annually (40 and older)
    I pledge to remind the women I love to schedule their mammogram
    I am a survivor and/ or I am inspired by someone that was affected by breast cancer