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Musculoskeletal MRI

The radiologists at Windsong work closely with your orthopedic surgeon and your primary care providers to determine the best study and protocol for your injury.  Our fellowship trained MSK radiologists will personally provide your doctor with the information they need and want for your best care.  Windsong MRIs are performed in the most wide open, high-field magnets to give you a comfortable exam, as well as the best image quality available.  You can also rest assured that your MRI technologists at Windsong are the mostly highly trained and caring professionals that will thoroughly explain your procedure to you, and give you the best quality care every day.

Joints & Extremities (metal artifact reduction technique used as needed)

  • Shoulder MRI (with or without arthrogram)
  • Elbow MRI (with or without arthrogram)
  • Wrist (with or without arthrogram)
  • Hip (with or without arthrogram)
  • Knee (with or without arthrogram)
  • Hand/finger
  • Ankle/feet/toes
  • Arm
  • Leg


  • Pectoral muscle
  • Sternum/sternoclavicular joint
  • Mediastinal mass

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