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Important Information For Breast MRI

Indications for Breast MRI:

Pre-Surgical Breast MRI

Breast MRI has become a routine pre-surgical imaging evaluation for patients who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. In many instances, additional tumor(s) can be found on the other breast or also within the same breast at a different location that were not visualized by mammography. An additional biopsy may be performed, which may modify the surgical plan if additional tumor(s) are detected.

MRI for High Risk Patients

Women who have a high risk for breast cancer may be appropriate candidates for  breast MRI. In addition to a mammogram, physicians may consider breast MRI evaluation for those who have strong family history with two or more first degree relatives (mother, sister), a personal history of breast cancer,  a personal or a first degree relative with certain genetic mutations or syndromes.

What you need to have before your Breast MRI:

  • A written order from your physician
  • Previous mammograms and ultrasound studies
  • Performed 8-12 days in menstrual cycle

Cost for Breast MRI:

  • $770.00 USD paid at the time of service for Canadian patients.