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Breast Imaging / Biopsies

Leader in Breast Imaging

Windsong has been recognized nationally and regionally as a leader in breast imaging. All four Windsong offices (Williamsville, Lancaster, Hamburg, Amherst) have earned the ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence accreditation. This designation signifies that Windsong excels in every area of breast imaging including: – Digital and 3D Mammography – Breast Ultrasound – Ultrasound Guided Biopsy – Stereotactic Breast Biopsy.

Educated healthcare consumers have long trusted and chosen Windsong because of its strong reputation for having board certified and fellowship trained radiologists specializing in women’s imaging. Their expertise coupled with the expertise of our board certified breast sonographers ensures the highest quality exams. Windsong was one of the first imaging centers in the United States to be given the ACR accreditation for Breast MRI.

Founder, Dr. Janet Sung and her team at Windsong pioneered a number of areas in breast imaging: including Stereotactic Breast Biopsy  and  3D Mammography.  In 2017 Windsong initiated mobile mammography to meet the needs of those women living in underserved areas and now provides mobile mammography throughout the eight counties of WNY. For more information, please contact the mobile mammo team at 716.929.9494.

What You Need to Know about Breast Density

What is Breast Density?

All breasts contain fibrous tissue, glands and fat, however the amount of fibrous tissue and glands a breast has compared with the amount of fat is called breast density. A breast with more fibrous tissue and glands and little fat is considered a dense breast, and a breast with fewer glands/fibrous tissue and more fat is considered a fatty breast. Dense breasts are more common before menopause, and breast density generally decreases with age.

Why Does Breast Density Matter?

Each time you have a mammogram, your radiologist checks your breast density because dense breasts have a higher chance of developing breast cancer and higher breast density makes it more difficult to find breast cancers. A women’s breast density can mask cancer which is why New York and other states now require that radiologists include your breast density with your mammography results.

Are there other options for breast cancer screening?

Screening mammography has been shown to decrease the chance of dying from breast cancer. Because dense breasts can hide cancers, women with dense breasts may also benefit from additional screening including ultrasound and MRI. When combined with 3D mammography, these supplemental screening exams may help find breast cancer when it is smaller and more easily treated.

Screening Ultrasound/Sonogram

Another option for breast cancer screening in dense breasts is adding screening ultrasound to 3D mammography. Adding screening ultrasound to screening 3D mammography finds more cancers, it finds more things that are not cancer too. Ultrasound does not use radiation, so there is no added radiation from adding screening ultrasound to mammography.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Adding screening MRI to screening mammography is recommended for all patients at very high risk for breast cancer, regardless of breast density, because MRI is a highly sensitive exam for finding breast cancer. MRI isn’t perfect, though. It also can show abnormalities that require additional testing or biopsy, that turn out not to be cancer. Breast MRI is also recommended for women with a personal history of breast cancer and dense tissue, or those diagnosed with breast cancer by age 50. If you have screening MRI, research has shown there is no added benefit from screening ultrasound.  For women with dense breasts, yearly screening ultrasound or MRI, depending on breast density category and individual risk factors, should be considered in addition to 3D mammography. Similar to ultrasound, MRI does not involve radiation. It does, however, require administration of intravenous contrast.

If you have questions about breast density or which screening test is right for you, talk to your doctor.

Same Day Results

Windsong’s cutting edge technology, highly trained and experienced radiologists and technologists place an emphasis on personalized care. Unlike other facilities, here at Windsong you will have the option to meet with a radiologist at the completion of your breast imaging, which can relieve the anxiety of waiting for your results. Windsong has been providing first class women’s imaging services for over 30 years. Our Dr. Janet H. Sung Women’s Imaging Suite, named for our founder, opened in January 2010 at Windsong Medical Park on 55 Spindrift Drive in Williamsville. Its soothing spa-like feel and decor has been replicated at all of our locations to ensure a relaxing and comforting experience. Working with a world class group of architects and designers Windsong created a beautiful space that offers the maximum in patient comfort and privacy.  One of the added benefits is that the design has significantly increased the efficiency of the workflow to decrease wait and imaging time. For those that have not been here in some time, we encourage you to come back and see for yourself.

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