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Physicians – Partners in Care

Windsong has six locations in the Buffalo and Western New York region to accommodate your patient’s digital radiology and medical imaging needs conveniently, comfortably, compassionately, and in an expedient manner. Windsong will always have the most advanced imaging technology available that is backed with Fellowship Trained Radiologists and the most highly trained technologists available.

Windsong’s Breast MRI service was the first to achieve the ACR Accreditation in the Buffalo/Niagara Western New York region. Windsong is also the first to offer 3T Prostate MRI & MRI Guided Prostate Biopsy as well as Digital Breast Tomosynthesis in Upstate New York. At Windsong, you have the benefit of Specialists that are Fellowship Trained Women’s Imaging Radiologists and Neuroradiologists reading the studies.

Appropriate Exams

At Windsong, you can be sure that all of our digital radiology and medical imaging modalities and equipment are ACR Accredited to insure the highest quality studies. For information on ordering the right test at the right time, please see the Appropriateness Criteria link here.

Ask the Expert

As a practicing provider we invite you to submit any radiology or imaging question that will be personally addressed by one of our Radiologists by utilizing the Ask the Expert application in this section. Your question will be answered within minutes of its submission during normal business hours.For questions on specific ordering Appropriateness Criteria, you may also visit the ACR website.

Picture Archival Computer System (PACS)

Your office can also have access to our PACS digital archiving system. This system will give you the ability to view your patient’s studies and to retrieve the report. This all means added convenience for you and your patients and faster answers to clinical questions. Please call to set up this convenient service at 631-2500, *2249. If you need a CD ROM with you patient’s imaging studies and report, please call our Sign-Out Department at 716.631.2500 *2116 or FAX a request to 716.650-7381.

Windsong Scripts

Windsong order forms or scripts are available on line here. In addition, please contact our physician liaison at 631-2500, ext. 2240 for hard copy scripts.

Multidisciplinary Conferences

Live educational multi-disciplinary conferences focus on up-to-date reviews of advances in management strategies for patients with breast cancer and head and neck cancers. These conferences assist with developing individualized treatment plans for early and advanced disease. For more information, please click here.