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Heart Disease Screening

Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT

Calcium scoring uses a non-invasive, high speed computerized tomography (CT) to scan the heart and measure the total amount of calcified (hardened) plaque in the coronary arteries. Plaque inside the arteries of your heart can grow and restrict blood flow to the muscles of the heart. More coronary calcium indicates more coronary atherosclerosis, which is suggestive of a higher risk of future cardiovascular events including a heart attack.
Measuring calcified plaque with a heart scan may allow your doctor to identify possible coronary artery disease before you have signs and symptoms. Having this information can be life-saving.

Is a Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT Right for Me?
What are the risk factors for heart disease?
What is a Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT?
Am I Eligible?
Do I have to have signs and symptoms of heart disease to get a Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT?
Do I Need a Prescription from my Doctor?
How much does this exam cost?
What will a Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT Scan help show?