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About Us


Windsong’s Mission is clear. “A diagnostic radiology center of excellence where personalized service, world-class imaging and compassion meet.” Our entire team of board-certified radiologists remain focused on putting the experience ahead of everything else.


So how did it all start? It was a snowy February morning in 1987 when John and Dr. Janet Sung opened a new medical imaging practice in a renovated Pizza Hut building on Harlem Road. Classic risk-takers, they pooled all their assets, sold their apartment, and took out a loan to finance the Harlem Radiology Center. Thirty-two patients arrived on the first day, and the practice has been growing ever since.

Dr. Sung set a high standard of excellence for the staff and the 19 Radiologists who now lead the practice. What started as a practice predominantly oriented toward Women’s imaging has diversified and grown to become one of the largest free standing diagnostic imaging centers in the USA with over 400,000 visits  annually.

Making a Difference

Since Windsong’s modest beginnings, hard work, a strong dedication to quality and new technology have all been integral components. We continue to provide same day results when possible, after being one of the first practices of its kind to do so.

Our caring, compassionate and well trained staff focus on the patient, and making their experience as pleasant as possible. At Windsong, it is our privilege to serve you, our patient.


As an outpatient diagnostic treatment center of excellence, Windsong partners with various research organizations throughout Western New York to contribute to technological advances in imaging to improve health outcomes and patient care. Windsong has partnered with the University at Buffalo to assist them in multiple studies aimed at improve breast cancer o

During the year 2020-2021, Windsong partnered with UB assisting with a study which uses a photoacoustic system called Dual Scan Mammoscope (DSM) designed to image the breast using laser light and ultrasound.

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