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Compression Fractures 

Compression fractures occur in the spine when bones and vertebrae become soft and weak. Quite often the cause is osteoporosis, a disease that affects more than 10 million Americans. Osteoporosis is marked by weakened and brittle bones and typically results in height loss and spine curvature. This kind of stress on the bones can cause painful compression fractures and further collapse of the bones. Using minimally invasive image-guided techniques, cement can be inserted directly into the fracture, creating an internal cast. The goal of such a procedure is pain relief.


Symptoms can include sudden and severe back pain, worsening of pain when standing or walking, some pain relief when lying down, pain and difficulty bending or twisting, loss of height and visible deformity or curvature of the spine.


Compression fractures are diagnosed through physical exam and spinal X-ray, CT and/or MRI.


Physicians generally treat this medical condition with kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty. Both are minimally invasive, image-guided procedures that utilize bone cement to create internal casts. Kyphoplasty involves placement of a balloon device into the fractured vertebra, which creates space for the internal cast of cement. Vertebroplasty also utilizes X-ray fluoroscopy guidance, enabling radiologists to inject medical bone cement directly into the injured bone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which locations offer Kyphoplasty?

This procedure is offered at our Williamsville office.

How can I schedule a Kyphoplasty treatment?

Request an appointment online or contact us at 716-929-9484.

What about billing and/or insurance coverage?

Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty are typically covered by insurance in full as a treatment for compression fractures. Your out-of-pocket depends on your particular insurance plan and whether deductibles have been met.

Your insurance card must be presented at your appointment, and a co-pay may be due, depending on the requirements of your insurance provider. Windsong will verify insurance coverage and benefits; however, specific questions regarding your policy and coverage should be directed to your insurance carrier, as insurance plans and benefits vary widely. Please check the list below to see if we accept your insurance, but also clarify with your provider regarding your specific plan.

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