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Pink Pillow Project

The Pink Pillow Project is a Buffalo based foundation dedicated to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer. Learning you have cancer is never easy. Volunteers at the Pink Pillow Project provide newly diagnosed patients at Windsong Breast Care with a pillow that, when placed under the arm, will aid in their post surgical recovery. This simple gesture , focuses on the indivudal directly impacted by this diagnosis , at a time when support is most needed. The Pink Pillow project was founded by Nancy and Lisa , longtime friends who have been affected by breast cancer, either direclty or via a close personal relative. At your initial surgical consult at Windsong Breast Care your nurse will provide you with a pink pillow.

To learn more about the Pink Pillow project –visit

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to protect our most vulnerable patients, Windsong Breast Care has cancelled its Q & A sessions for 2020 and will be offering fully virtual sessions in 2021. Please know that during this difficult time our Breast Navigators and Surgeons are providing extra support for breast cancer patients. Questions, call 716.626.6300.

COVID-19 Updates