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Bi- Weekly Question & Answer Session


One of the most difficult times for a patient diagnosed with breast cancer is from the time of diagnosis to the beginning of their treatment. Windsong Breast Care uses this time to provide patients with the first tools needed for survivorship: education and resources. The Program’s Breast Patient Navigators facilitate a biweekly 90 minute educational session for all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and their families. The meeting has representation from the consortium of care providers in the breast care program including a Breast Surgeon, Radiologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Counselor, Dietitian and Prosthetics specialist. The meeting is designed as an open forum, making it easy for patients to ask questions, become familiar with some of the terminology and hear answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. The ability to meet the physicians who will be take care of the patient in a setting outside of the exam room has provided countless patients with peace of mind with the treatment choices they make.

To make a reservation- please contact the breast navigation line at (716)-631-2500 * 2115