Bi-Weekly Multidisciplinary Patient Conference


The physicians participate in a weekly one hour medical conference to present newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. The Breast Surgeon present the cases with support from the Radiologist, Pathologist, Medical and Radiation Oncologist. The diagnostic images are presented and reviewed along with the pathology slides to determine appropriate staging and assist with determining the best individualized plan for the patient’s particular diagnosis. An invitation to the referring physician is included to improve timely and accurate communication.

The prospective case presentation ensures that patients newly diagnosed or currently under treatment have access to multidisciplinary evaluation, including staging, treatment management and follow up surveillance. The conferences are integral to the constant improvement of the care for our breast cancer patients by contributing to the patient management process and outcomes, and providing education to physicians and staff in attendance.

This meeting meets the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences educational program requirements and is eligible for CME credit.

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