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Congresswoman Kathy Hochul representing New York's 26th congressional district visited and toured the Dr. Janet H. Sung Women's Imaging Center at Windsong today (9/5/12).  The Congresswoman was especially interested in seeing the newest breast imaging technology called Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.  Dr. Anna Chen, Women's Imaging lead Radiologist is shown explaining the increased ability to better visualize dense breast tissue to find or rule-out the smallest of tumors.

Rep. Hochul was given a tour by Windsong Administrator Deanna Schiller, Dr. Raja Cheruvu, and Breast Patient Navigator Maureen Connors.   Rep Hochul was shown how Windsong Comprehensive Breast Care is a new affiliate practice that is integrated with Windsong Radiology Group to offer WNY's the only Accredited NAPBC facility to treat and manage breast cancer patients from diagnosis to survivorship.






Williamsville, NY—Windsong in Williamsville is in full support of the recent legislation signed into law today by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo concerning the reporting of dense breast tissue on mammograms. In a letter to governor Cuomo dated July 3, 2012, Windsong President Thomas A. Summers, MD urged the governor to sign Senate Bill S6769B a bill that amends the public health law in relation to supplemental screenings, requiring specific written notification to women regarding breast density findings in mammography. Currently, there are no requirements in law for patients to be alerted to breast density.

According to Dr. Summers in his letter to Governor Cuomo, “Scientific evidence has established that while mammography in a fatty breast provides very reliable results in the detection of breast cancer, it fails almost 50% of the time in dense breasts. Dense breast tissue impairs the detection of architectural distortions in particular, the most significant signs of invasive ductal carcinoma.”

Windsong is an ACR (American College of Radiology) designated Breast Center of Excellence. The Windsong Comprehensive Breast Care team is also the only Western New York facility to be accredited by the NAPBC (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers) through the American College of Surgeons.

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